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Fall 2021  Registration:

Coming Soon!

September-December, 2021

Grades 3-7
Grades 8-12

Registration will soon open for the fall semester of AAC! Stay tuned for more info!

Acting Against Cancer’s After School Programs & Camps

Acting Against Cancer is proud to offer an after school program at its rehearsal space at ArtSpace, 323 W. Broadway. These classes focus on all the elements that go into producing a musical, including skills needed both on stage and off. Students meet twice a week to rehearse their material and at semester’s end, present it for their friends and family!
There are two divisions: one for grades 3-7 and one for grades 8-12. While any child may participate, those touched by cancer (i.e. one with a sibling or parent with a diagnosis) may participate for free so that they may explore the healing power of the arts. If you know a child in this situation who may enjoy exploring the creative outlet of theatre, please email

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