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Spring 2021 I  Registration:

Becoming an Audition Triple Threat

January 18 – March 26

Grades 3-7
Grades 8-12

Registration is now open for AAC’s Spring 2021 I quarter! Both sessions will see students virtually meet occasionally over Zoom as a group as well as individually in one-on-ones with instructors, and will have a focus on becoming a “triple threat”!

Acting Against Cancer’s After School Programs & Camps

Acting Against Cancer is proud to offer an after school program at its rehearsal space at ArtSpace, 323 W. Broadway. For the Spring 2021 semester, classes will at least begin virtually for the first quarter due to recommendations from the governor.This quarter, the students will focus on how to be able to confidently audition at a real musical theatre call that asks for singers, dancers and actors. While our Spring 2020 program focused on singing and Fall 2020 on acting, this Spring, we want to introduce dance into the mix while also continuing the other two aspects of musical theatre. The program will begin with instructors giving the students several monologues. Each student then will pick one they’d like to work on during the semester and then will be assigned a song that pairs well with the monologue, resulting in the student having two complementary pieces that would suit them well in a real-world audition. Additionally, instructors will create a choreography combination that’s taught in recorded videos students can watch on their own time to learn and practice (like a “dance call”). There will be scheduled check-ins on the choreography to offer more in-depth feedback on not just steps and timing but also expression and intention. The final “performance” will be each student performing their monologue and song and then dancing the choreography as one (edited together).There are two divisions: one for grades 3-7 and one for grades 8-12. While any child may participate, the AAC after-school program is completely free to children touched by cancer. If you know a child in this situation who may enjoy exploring the creative outlet of theatre, please email

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