The Rocky Horror Show

September 26 – October 5, 2014, in The Henry Clay Theatre


Directed by Remy Sisk

Music direction by Charlie Meredith


After their car breaks down, two young lovers find themselves stranded in a mysterious castle inhabited by an assortment of eccentric characters in this send-up of old science-fiction B movies. Led by the mad scientist and singing transvestite Dr. Frank ‘n’ Furter, the outrageous gang quickly leads innocent Brad and Janet down a sordid and salacious path from which there is no turning back. A cult favorite, this rollicking rock and roll musical always encourages audience participation and leaves crowds shouting for more!



  • Karter Louis, Charlotte Campbell, Alex Haydon, Charlie Meredith, Karissa Kathryn, Sara Troxel, John Aurelius, Steven Fairfield, Liam O’Daniel-Munger, Jake Hassler, Joanna Galvan, Brynn Gordon, Abigail Helm, Gerry Seavo James, Lindsay Payne